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From "Peter Hunsberger" <>
Subject Re: [Vote] Java 5 as minimum JDK requirement
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2006 13:50:47 GMT
On 8/14/06, Andrew Stevens <> wrote:
> >From: Daniel Fagerstrom <>
> >Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 22:19:28 +0200
> >
> >Joerg Heinicke skrev:
> >Look, there might be excellent reasons for not upgrading and if there are
> >it is better that we find them. And I agree with Jorg that if many people
> >who otherwise would use 2.2 don't because of Java 5, that would be a good
> >reason for waiting with upgrading to Java 5. But this far no one have said
> >that they would have any problems with it, neither at cocoon-dev or
> >cocoon-user.
> Okay, here's one :-)
> I work for (a small part of) one of the big international banking groups.
> In a brand new site that our team has only just started developing, we're
> still restricted to servlet 2.3 and JDK 1.3 due to the version of Websphere
> that's supported by another team over in the US that'll be hosting it for
> us; if I'm very lucky they'll be willing to support a version that can
> handle JDK 1.4 by the time we go live.  So switch to Java 5 if you wish, but
> that'll leave me stuck on Cocoon 2.1.x for the forseeable future.

Sorry, in my book that's not a valid reason.

Can you give us a reason why being stuck on Cocoon 2.1 is a problem?
There are still sites running Cocoon 1...  Alternately, can you give
us something from Cocoon 2.2 that you need to have in order to run
your business?

Personally, from my experiences with Websphere I'd say being stuck on
a back release of Websphere is a far bigger problem than anything
Cocoon might cause...

Peter Hunsberger

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