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From "Ard Schrijvers" <>
Subject FW: [ #4642] [Fwd: watch out with mirror]
Date Mon, 21 Aug 2006 12:15:29 GMT
About the broken mirror, I was premature: The flaw seems to be way
more serious, and seems to be apache-dist/jakarta/.htaccess in general! 

> Ard,
> you are spreading disinformation.
> In dist/jakarta there is a .htaccess file that does the redirects.
> You can check this by retrievig the file from the source site.
>   rsync .
> -- the mirror on is up-to-date, and
> -- it is doing what it is supposed to do

It is not. In my former mail, I do not state that the problem is at
It is not doing what it is supposed to, but the problem originates somewhere else, so the
problem is *not* at 

> -- you could and should have checked this before you posted
> -- stop spreading disinformation about
> -- retract your false information on the '' list
> -- file a bug report with jakarta people, if you think something is
>    wrong.

Yes I do think there is something terribly wrong! Maven should garantuee correct jars. If
due to some configuration error, wrong jars end up in my project, then something is wrong.
So I do not understand apache member Henk Penning to shoot the messenger, instead of seeing
the severity of the issue, and try helping to get it out of the world. 

So, anyhow, who knows how I can address the correct person to file this problem that it gets

Regards Ard

> regards,
> Henk Penning
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