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From "Ard Schrijvers" <>
Subject RE: [Summary] [Vote] Ard Schrijvers as a new Cocoon committer
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 15:10:58 GMT
Hello All,

Everybody thanks a lot for the unanimous +1 voting from everybody :-) And Reinhard, great
you proposed me! I have send in my CLA, so hopefully everything is arranged in short notice
and I actually acquire those committers only privileges :-)

So, probably I now have to say a little about myself for those who haven't met me before.
I have studied theoretical physics in Amsterdam (uva), and graduaded after 10 years (sadly
enough it could never really graps my attention, so I had some delays here and there..) in
the direction of computational physics. Computational physics was newly added as a graduation
direction, and mainly focussed on computer algorithms to simulate physical stuff ("Quantification
of spatiotemporal phenomena resulting from reaction-diffusion processes" was my project).
Basically, I only programmed a little in c and mathematica during my study (of which the latter
has always astonished me completely: think of whatever complex integral and mathematica will
answer it for you in a nano-second, brilliant! ), very basic, and that was about it. 

Since a few years I have been working now for hippo, and have been involved in building many
many many sites with cocoon. Since we have moved to sites which are ever getting larger and
larger, I have been really focussing on getting the best performance out of cocoon. It is
so easy to make a mistake, one typo and your performance is gone. But, when you just keep
track of your performance, cocoon can be really really fast.

But, you have to know quite a lot how to get cocoon being your number 1 framework. I have
been helping out on the userlist whenever I thought I could add some knowledge, and apparently
this added up to 240 emails this year alone...since I always think a lot for each answer this
counts up to about 240 times 4 hours ~ 7 months of work :-). Clearly, I have been experiencing
cocoon mainly as a user, but since about a year have been diving into the code, whenever I
had time for it. I do realize there is tons of code in cocoon, and I still have to learn very
much about it, but, when there is a will there is a road (I always like to translate dutch
expressions directly in english :-) ), so I think I will manage!

Anyway, I am looking forward to work together with all of you! 

Regards Ard and hopefully meet you ALL at the Cocoon gettogether in Amsterdam!

> Reinhard Poetz wrote:
> > 
> > I want to propose Ard Schrijvers as a new Cocoon committer. 
> People who 
> > followed our mailing lists will find _many_ quality answers 
> to users 
> > questions. But that's not all: Ard is an expert for 
> well-cached Cocoon 
> > applications. His latest work on caching and the way how he is 
> > approaching the problem (discuss issues with people on the 
> mailing list 
> > and then provide patches) will certainly help us to finally 
> solve our 
> > problems in this field.
> > 
> > But that's not all. According to many, many mails (~ 240 in 
> the last 12 
> > months) he knows a lot about Cocoon Forms and Cocoon in general too.
> > 
> > I met Ard in Dublin and I remember that I had some 
> interesting talks 
> > with him. I got the sense that he is able to deal with a 
> problem without 
> > forgetting the big picture around.
> > 
> > Having said enough about his functional skills I also want 
> to mention 
> > that he is a great guy with a good sense of humor. I'm sure 
> that we as 
> > community will be stronger in every respect with Ard being 
> a committer 
> > than without him.
> We got 23 positive votes and no negative one. Therefore, 
> congratulations Ard and 
> welcome abord!
> Ard, if you accept your nomination, please get familiar with 
> and send 
> your signed CLA to 
> the ASF Secretary.
> Please also let us know which user id you prefer and what 
> your forwarding email 
> address is.
> -- 
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