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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: more about properties in cocoon 2.2
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2006 08:38:36 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler skrev:
> Yes, that's true - now there are some problems here (as always). I
> started to implement a spring 2.0 xml namespace handler which would
> allow to "plugin" the old avalon configuration into a spring
> configuration using an own xml element, like <avalon:components
> src="cocoon.xconf"/> (or something like that).
Would be great if we could do it that way.
> Unfortunately reading the avalon configuration requires access to the
> servlet context which is not available inside an xml namespace handler
> of spring, so either we can use some hacky workaround here or find
> another solution.
> Apart from that, we now have a nice property mechanism which we have to
> rewrite if we are going this way as we have to write spring components
> for the property handling (shouldn't be a big deal though).
I would prefer reusing the Spring property mechanism as far as possible.
> And finally, we have some optional components like an own logging system
> or own property providers. Currently these can be defined in the root
> web application context using default spring mechanisms and then Cocoon
> makes use of them. If they are not available, Cocoon uses default
> implementations. We have to find a solution for that as well.
> So, if we can solve these issues in a clean way, I'm +1 for just using
> the root web application context of spring. This would also mean that we
> don't need our own listener anymore.


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