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From Leszek Gawron <>
Subject Re: more about properties in cocoon 2.2
Date Mon, 21 Aug 2006 12:35:50 GMT
Leszek Gawron wrote:
>>> One VERY important question concerning cocoon core? Why is it based 
>>> on spring's BeanFactory and not on ApplicationContext? I propose to 
>>> switch from CocoonBeanFactory to CocoonApplicationContext. WDYT?
>> I'm +1 for this - the original code I wrote actually used a
>> CocoonApplicationContext. Daniel had some concerns about it (I think it
>> was mainly about too many dependencies) and we switched to the simpler
>> bean factory. Perhaps Daniel recalls why we switched back?
>> Now I had some problems with the current implementation as well, for
>> example ServletContextAware is not handled by the bean factory, so I
>> extended our CocoonBeanFactory to handle this. An application context
>> already provides this functionality. So, +1 for this.
> This is something I have no idea how to do properly. Looking at 
> AbstractApplicationContext it looks like we can keep current 
> CocoonBeanFactory and just use it while creating application context. 
> Unfortunately there is a lot of custom lifecycle code in 
> CocoonBeanFactory that I do not know how to modify (ServletContextAware 
> which you mentioned, some preInstantiateSingletons method that does bean 
> post processing and so on). Any guidelines?

Moreover the root context should be at least a 
ConfigurableWebApplicationContext that should be registered properly in 
servlet context. For now none of spring related servlet filters work 
because they all rely on WebApplicationContextUtils [1] (and this one 
throws not finding spring context in servlet context).

I had to move all META-INF/spring/*.xml to META-INF/springX/*.xml so 
cocoon does not pick those automatically and build myself a separate web 
application context with spring's ContextLoaderListener.


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