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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [Vote] Java 5 as minimum JDK requirement
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2006 22:11:38 GMT
On 10.08.2006 11:41, Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:

>>>> As Java 5 was released almost 2 years ago, I propose making it the
>>>> minimum requirement for trunk and all artifacts released from there.
>>> -0, because this means eliminating cocoon 2.2 on "older" application
>>> servers eg weblogic 8.1.
> IIUC weblogic 8.1 uses servlet 2.3 so I guess you need to veto the use 
> of servlet 2.4 to make this a valid point.

Don't know about Weblogic (it was not my argument), but servlet spec 
does not matter that deeply IMO. I voted +1 on servlet 2.4 mostly 
because of the request listeners. As long as the 2.4 features are kept 
out of core (which of them can surface coincidentally?) we still can 
claim 2.3 compatibility and provide 2.4 features like request listeners 
as optional features. The same way Spring is handling the 
request/session scoped beans by providing a listener [1] (see Javadoc) 
and a filter [2].

> If there are other use cases that require Java 1.4 you should seriously 
> consider if Simones proposal of using the Retroweaver would be enough.

This works only as long as you don't use extensions made to the JDK 
classes. Different JDK versions are not just about language features but 
also about APIs. So this is no replacement IMO.

>>> Frankly, I don't see the point in upgrading unless there's a killer
>>> feature in 1.5 that
>>> 1) we are likely to use and implement in the near future (2006) and,
>>> 2) will improve cocoon by a significant margin.
> We never require something like that when we update the version on 
> libraries we depend on. For libraries we depend on the latest stable 
> version as long as it doesn't create any problems, we never require that 
> anybody is going to use the latest features.

Don't understand that point.

>> I second this, but vote even -1. I wonder why a framework should set 
>> such high requirements. Have a look on spring. They have a Java 1.3 as 
>> minimum requirement and only need Java 5 for special features.
>> IMO we should do it in a similar manner and not set the general 
>> requirement to Java 5.
> Cocoon is both a framework and a set of applications. Compared to 
> Spring, Cocoon is less framework oriented.

Understand what you want to claim, but can't follow. Why do you think so?

> If you want to follow the 
> Spring policy I think you should formulate an alternative proposal which 
> describes when it is OK to use Java 5 and when it is not.

Isn't this quite easy? Always provide a Java 1.4 alternative and make 
Java 5 features optional. See declarative transaction demarcation in 
Spring. It's completely possible without Java 5. But you can use 
annotations for it as well. And even those can be used with Java 1.4 and 
commons attributes IIRC.

I simply still can't see how Java 5 will help us significantly.



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