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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Re: [Vote] Release 2.2M1
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 10:02:54 GMT
Jean-Baptiste Quenot wrote:
> +0
> I  don't  think  it's  a  good   idea  to  run  Cocoon  2.2  using
> "mvn jetty6:run".  Basically if you use  Maven 2 you have no other
> choice than running a beta version of Jetty.
> I   made  some   tests  (outside   the  scope   of  Cocoon),   and
> encountered  problems  with Jetty  6  Beta,  which appears  to  be
> shaky.   If you  feel  confident, then  at least  be  sure to  use
> version >= 6.0.0beta17.
> But the point is:  it's not up to the build  system to decide what
> servlet container  needs to be  used at runtime.  Do  you remember
> Sylvain [1]talking about Ant+Ivy one and  a half year ago?  He was
> right: Ivy *just*  downloads artifacts in a  local repository, and
> that solves 99% of Maven 2 problems.  Ivy does little, but it does
> it well.   In our current project  we [2]switched from Maven  2 to
> Ant+Ivy recently, and life is much better now.  We trust the build
> system again,  and we are able  to run any servlet  container like
> before.
> The good  news is that  Ivy is  compatible with Maven  2 directory
> layout,  and  is  able  to  read POMs.   In  short,  it  does  not
> require reorganizing  the source tree  all over again: it  is very
> unintrusive.

your observations regarding Jetty 6 are interesting but I don't understand how 
this relates to Cocoon and that it uses Maven 2 as build system?

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