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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Outerthought releases Daisy 1.5
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2006 13:32:26 GMT
Zwijnaarde, Belgium, 2006-08-17.

Daisy going strong: Outerthought ships version 1.5 of its flagship  
open source CMS

Keeping to its twice-a-year release schedule, Outerthought announces  
today the immediate availability of a new major Daisy release. Daisy  
is a feature-rich and solid open source CMS, which combines the ease  
of use of a WYSIWYG Wiki-like editing environment with solid  
repository back-end functionalities. It is the only open source CMS  
that also offers production-quality book generation, and is in use at  
major corporations around the globe. Daisy has its own repository,  
and a Cocoon-based web front-end.

The 1.5 release marks major progress for Daisy's product maturity,  
with an improved deployment scheme separating user data and  
customization files from the core product assembly. This will make  
future upgrades especially trouble-free, and opens up possibilities  
for install automation and drop-in add-on functionality. Adding to  
that, our messaging subsystem has been overhauled to use the popular  
ActiveMQ library, significantly reducing the deployment footprint.  
The filesystem-based parts storage subsystem is now hierarchically  
organized, to allow for larger data storage volumes even on less  
capable filesystem implementations, and the relational metadata store  
offers many enhancements as well, most notably a link type field and  
query-based selection lists for field values. Given these, it is  
possible to model relationships between structured documents using  
the flexible Daisy scheme.

New end-user functionality include a revamped default skin which is  
better componentized and more CSS-based to allow for easy adaption,  
one-click switching between staging and live views of a website,  
automated and configurable image thumbnailing and metadata (EXIF)  
extraction, and comprehensive SVG support. Site navigation trees can  
be made more dynamic using queries generating navigation hierarchies,  
and the facetted browser now ships with many new features, rivalling  
those of commercial implementations.

Daisy 1.5 firmly hits the sweet spot of the crossroads of (website)  
content management, knowledge management and documentation  
production. Daisy doesn't limit you to managing websites with pages:  
it streamlines and organizes your organisation's content into a re- 
use-ful information repository, and tops that with a flexible  
publishing engine.

The Daisy community is thriving with steady growth, with new list  
members every week, and also funded development of new Daisy features  
has been ever increasing. Daisy's business-friendly and no-strings- 
attached Apache 2.0 license has been gaining attention from several  

Outerthought wishes to thank two companies for helping us out with  
this release: Sun Microsystems for providing us with a CoolThreads  
T2000 test server, and QAD Inc. for funding the improved SVG support  
and more upcoming new features. Obviously, this went hand in hand  
with the support we've been receiving from the Daisy community.

Furthermore, Outerthought has been signing up several major Daisy  
customers and projects over the past few months, who will be  
announced mid fall 2006 during our fifth anniversary event.

Daisy 1.5 is available from - with a Debian Linux  
install package and Windows installer upcoming. Commercial Daisy  
services and support can be found on our website

For further enquiries, please contact Steven Noels:, m. +32 478 29 29 00.

Steven Noels                  
Outerthought                              Open Source Java & XML
stevenn at                stevenn at

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