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From David Crossley <>
Subject licensing issues for trunk (Was: Questions on cleaning up trunk)
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 06:10:26 GMT
I have started doing the update of the license headers.
Done now for 2.1 branch. It was a huge diff so the svn-mailer
truncated it thankfully.

Before committing i tried to check the diffs by grepping
known lines and see what is left. Seems okay, but doing
such mass semi-automated changes is worrying.

Doing the trunk is lots harder. I will be doing it
gradually over the next weeks.

Trying to follow the new policy document
there are some other issues that we need to attend to:

The NOTICE.txt file has a special purpose and we are not
doing it properly, i.e. we have its content tangled up
with another file called CREDITS.txt

At Forrest i added a banner at the top to explain its
purpose. Not sure what Cocoon want to do.

Another issue is the LICENSE.txt file. Evidently we
also need to "add pointers" in that file to each third-party
license file. I gather some people are experimenting 
with a Maven plugin. Not sure how that correlates with
the new policy. So i will leave that to others.

Anyway i am concentrating on the source headers.


David Crossley wrote:
> Reinhard Poetz wrote:
> > 
> > Here some more files that need to be moved:
> > 
> > # CREDITS.txt - Where do we need them? For the distribution?
> >                 For now I'd put them into the trunk/commons directory
> >                 Thinking more about this, I propose to configure
> >                 the assembly plugin for commons so that we can
> >                 build distribution packages from there.
> > # DESKTOP.INI - remains where it is
> > # INSTALL.txt - move to trunk/commons
> > # KEYS        - move to trunk/commons
> > # LICENSE.txt - move to trunk/commons
> > # NOTICE.txt  - move to trunk/commons
> According to
> the LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt must located at the top-level
> of the "distribution". What does that mean in our new setup?
> Any attributions required by third-party products are
> supposed to be in NOTICE.txt but we have them at the
> bottom of CREDITS.txt
> -David

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