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From Mark Lundquist>
Subject [CForms] And another thing! :-)
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 01:21:16 GMT

Going through again, 
I came across this tortuous passage:

NOTE: The attributes unique-row-id and unique-path and the child 
element fd:convertor are deprecated in favor of <fb:unique-row>.
The fb:repeater binding binds repeaters based on the concept that each 
row in the repeater is identified by one or more widgets uniquely. This 
unique identification is necessary to know which rows in the repeater 
correspond to which objects in the target collection. Newly added rows 
in the repeater can (but should not) have a null value for this 
identification widget(s). Typically this/these widget(s) will not 
editable, so in most cases it will be an output widget. If you don't 
need the identification widget(s) at the client you don't need to add 
them to the template at all! You only have to specify direction="load" 
to this/these widget(s) then. This prevents the database IDs from 
getting to the client.
The id attribute should contain the id of the repeater.
The unique-row-id attribute specifies the id of the widget appearing on 
each repeater row that contains the unique identification for that row. 
The unique-path attribute contains the corresponding path in the object 
NOTE: Both attributes are deprecated. Please use <fb:identity> instead.

Then, after a bunch of unrelated discussion, comes this:

The childrens of the fb:unique-row specify the widgets appearing on 
each repeater row for the unique identification of that row. Each 
<fb:unique-field> child specifies one widget.

Not sure what that means either, but it looks like it belongs up with 
the other stuff...?

OK, so @unique-row-id and @unique-path are deprecated.  Got that.  In 
favor of... what?  <fb:unique-row>?  Or <fb:identity>?  Or either, 
depending on... something?

I'll be happy to edit this section to make it comprehensible, once I 
achieve some understanding of it myself :-)

Sorry for the snarkiness... just feeling a little frustrated is all :-)
thx for any help,

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