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From Ross McDonald <>
Subject Re: [GT2006] Call for IDEAS! The 5th Cocoon GetTogether: October 2nd to 4th in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2006 21:12:23 GMT

I like the suggestions so far, they sound great

just a few spur of the moment thoughts on what I would like to see...

- optimisation techniques, (efficient, performant Cocoon) across the  
whole lifecycle of an application
- the secret gems of Cocoon (what do people not know about that is  
really cool)
- interactive apps, authentication, user tuned content
- how to get involved (find out what the community needs from  

will have more of a think later,


Ross McDonald

On 3 Jul 2006, at 18:13, Arje Cahn wrote:

> Hi folks,
> We need your ideas! What would YOU like to see at this year's  
> Cocoon GetTogether???
> This year's Cocoon conference will be held again in Amsterdam, The  
> Netherlands, from Monday, October 2nd, until Wednesday, October  
> 4th. Faster and funkier than ever!
> The GetTogether event runs as a series of presentations on  
> different aspects of Apache Cocoon. Several short tracks will give  
> you insight on all aspects of Cocoon, from generator to serializer  
> and from CForms to AJAX, packed with with real success stories and  
> best practices. There's plenty of time for interaction and probing  
> questions. Whether you're a Cocoon developer or user, either  
> expert, beginner, or only curious, this event is for you. Want to  
> know more about the technology and the people behind it? Come join  
> us at this year's Cocoon GetTogether in Amsterdam!
> But first, we'd like to hear everyone's ideas on WHAT you would  
> really, *really* like to see:
> * Which parts of Cocoon would you like to see demonstrated?
> * Which bits of code would you like to see projected on a huge  
> screen in big,
>   *big* letters, with the author right next to it, explaining you  
> exactly how and *why*
>   he wrote it like that?
> * Which parts of Cocoon do you find utterly complicated and would  
> you like to get some help with?
> * What would you like your boss to get demonstrated? (convince him  
> to use Cocoon :-) )
> * ...maybe you've got some Cocoon wizardry yourself to share at the  
> Lightning Lottery Talks?
> Everyone is free to send in a list of subjects for which he or she  
> would travel all the way to Amsterdam.
> There's no program yet. This year's program is up to YOU - so send  
> in those ideas!
> Here's a couple of them to get you started:
> - Success stories (why someone chose Cocoon, for what, what was  
> great and what not?)
> - Comparison of Cocoon with other web frameworks
> - Why should I upgrade to 2.2?
> - Some howto's / best practices for
>     - Configuration
>     - Using Spring
>     - Building Cocoon
> - 10 Reasons to use Cocoon
> - A "What's new in 2.2 and how to use it track" with different  
> topics, 5 to 10min per topic.
> - What's up for Cocoon 3.0?
> - The Funky Cocoon AJAX tour (with lots of samples!)
> - A short (!!) introduction to OSGi (what's all that fuzz about?!)
> - Practical case studies, where people show how they are using  
> Cocoon, the high-level
>   architecture of their apps, what they're integrating Cocoon with,  
> what makes their app
>   unique, etc. We could to 20+10 (20 minutes prez, 10 minutes  
> questions) slots for this,
>   and have at least 4 or 6 of them during the day.
> We're all using Cocoon in wildly different ways, which is one of  
> its major strengths - let's show this at this year's GetTogether!
> Please add your thoughts!
> ----
> Kind regards,
> Arjé Cahn
> Hippo
> Oosteinde 11
> 1017WT Amsterdam
> The Netherlands
> Tel  +31 (0)20 5224466
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> / /
> --------------------------------------------------------------

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