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From "Ard Schrijvers" <>
Subject RE: Continuations consume ram, possible solutions?
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 13:20:29 GMT

> > 
> > The third option aims to solve the common situation of having a flow
> > that initializes some variables, sends a form or a page (creating a
> > continuation) and then waits for the user to click on a 
> button, that 90%
> > of time never gets pushed. This is quite common in 
> aggregated pages with
> > boxes or something similar.
> Why don't you use stateless forms? If you don't expect button 
> to be clicked 
> often, don't use stateful forms.

Indeed, for a poll on a homepage this is very easy. But there are cases where this is not
so easy, and there is tons of code having this problem, and rewriting it is not an option.
Indeed, I am trying to avoid continuations on hightraffic pages. But IMHO, I don't want to
think about it :-) 

Wether we use a stateless form does not solve the actual problem. It should be possible with
Cocoon + continuations + cforms to for example build a high traffic forum in my opinion. At
the moment you are likely to run out of memory because of continuations (and then apart from
the StoreJanitor trying to free your cache while continuations are the actual problem of low

Regards Ard 

> Vadim

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