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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject Re: RE: RE: Continuations consume ram, possible solutions?
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 17:00:28 GMT
> With the janitor, do you mean the StoreJanitor? Therefor, a ContinuationManagerImpl should
somehow be registered in the StoreJanitor, or do I miss your point.

Well, janitor as in "cleaning up" ;-) ...I was not referring to a
certain class. But you are right it would probably be the
ContinuationManagerImpl. Janitor is often used for such clean up

> Then, if low on memory, the StoreJanitor (perhaps its name is a little awkward when it
also manages the continuations), should somehow figure out wether to free memory from cache
or from continuations (or both), right?

Either when "low on memory" ...and/or "hasn't been used for a certain
amount of time". The big difference would be to have a maximum number
continuations which might "accelerate" the expiration when running out
of slots in the LRU list.

> Expiring them aggresivily is not always possible (people might need an hour to fill in
a form, this means by default all cont live for an hour. I think though you can specify a
ttl for each cont, isn't? ). Also setting a limit might be quite tricky, because it sometimes
is quite difficult to know in advance how large your cont in memory will be (we had in flow
a closure that did a cocoon.processPipelineTo before a handleform() that took about 100Mb
for 200 continuations!). You can't expect users to really know all this and know in advance
with X memory they have Y continuations.

Well, of course it would be up to you to profile ...but then you
should be able to control things better. 100MB for 200 continuations?
Sorry, there must be something wrong! I am not so fluent with
javascript flow but when I serialize a javaflow continuation it's
often less than 5-10kb per continuation.

> Anyway, a janitor freeing continuation according LRU to prevent OOM is good to have.

For sure will you do it? *nudge* ;)

The continuation management needs an overhaul anyway ( support
serialization with javaflow from within cocoon e.g.)


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