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From Antonio Gallardo <>
Subject Re: [jira] Created: (COCOON-1885) The EHDefaultStore returns in the size() method the wrong number of keys
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 21:35:28 GMT
Ard Schrijvers escribió:
> </snip>
>> If there are better alternatives to ehcache we should consider them of
>> course. Personally I would like that this work will be done in trunk
>> only. We could build an own maven project for each cache 
>> implementation
>> which will reduce the dependencies for a user and makes
>> switching/choosing fairly easy.
>> But if we provide alternatives we should have at least some guidelines
>> explaining when to choose which implementation.
> I will try to see if whirlycache meets our goals better (especially I want to look at
the way the diskStore behaves (I want to be able to limit the diskStore keys), and wether
we can access the eviction policy from within our classes, to be able to free some memory
from cache in a sensible way). I think those guidelines should be in the document I am planning
(sry...still in planning phase) to write on caching and best practices. Also the many store
configurations, in which errors are easily made should be (will be I hope) documented transparently.

 From your provided link [1], the last section said:

"JCS limits the number of keys that can be kept for the disk cache. EH 
cannot do this."

> I am not sure if supporting many cache implementation is good practice. If there is a
large difference between the caches, where cache1 performs much better in memoryStore, and
cache2 much better in diskStore, and cache3 is avergae in both, then I suppose supporting
different caches might be a good option (though, an easy lookup of which cache impl suits
your app best should be available. Then again, this documentation ofcourse is outdated after
every cache impl release)
Dunno too, but from a practicl POV, supporting different caches would 
make easier to use the same cache in combination with other libraries. 
ie: Apache ojb or hibernate. For this reason, I am +1 to support 
different caches. ;-)

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.


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