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From Simone Gianni <>
Subject Re: Cocoon & Short Message Service
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2006 13:02:56 GMT
Ciao Omar,
I used this a few yars ago, to prototype an SMS application, and then
moved to a commercial HTTP based interface : . Otherwise, a few years ago, there
was kannel that interfaced HTTP to an SMS modem/cellphone.


Omar Adobati wrote:

> My idea was to connect something like a cellphone (or maybe a real
> cellphone) and use the AT instruction to send the SMS. Isn't a ggod
> idea?
> I really don't know SMPP, I'm now lloking for info about it on the
> Internet... I'll tell you if I could use it. Do you suggest me to use
> it?
> thanks,
>  Omar
> On 7/17/06, Upayavira <> wrote:
>> Omar Adobati wrote:
>> > Good morning,
>> >
>> >  I'd like to manage in some way the sms sending using cocoon, but I
>> > have not easy clear ideas on how to realize this. Does anyone know the
>> > best, or maybe the not worst, way to try to implement this function?
>> > Suppose I have an XML file with all the information I need to generate
>> > the SMS, and that I could display the SMS contents in HTML or PDF (or
>> > anything else too) and also that I can manage the sending of e-mails
>> > [just to let you know my background... but I'm still a newbie in
>> > cocoon]
>> > Yes, I know I need an SMS gateway to send sms, but now I just need to
>> > know the way to manage it via cocoon, just a suggestion about it...
>> >
>> > P.S.
>> > I need this for my thesis, no profit reasons :)
>> It really depends upon which provider you plan to use and what
>> interfaces they offer. It could be a custom HTTP one, or perhaps an SMPP
>> one.
>> Do you have a provider in mind?
>> Upayavira
Simone Gianni

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