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From "Omar Adobati" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon & Short Message Service
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 12:03:08 GMT
Thankyou for the answer, I'm glad to read about it :)

> We (= in one of my projects) wrote an SendSMSTransformer that works analogous to
> the SendMailTransformer. Another possibility is calling your SMS gateway from
> within a flow. *I* prefer the way of providing "message pipelines" with special
> purpose SendXYZ transformers as the manipulation of the content is much simpler
> (e.g. i18n) and is done the same way as all other view pipelines we have.

So, if I'm not wrong, you suggest to me  to write my own
SendSMSTransformer, right?
This is the idea I had when I was thinking about it, but I was not sure...
Any suggestion in writing the transformer? I think i'll have a look to
the SendMailTransformer, it should be useful...


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