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From "Peter Hunsberger" <>
Subject Re: [Vote Result] New committers
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 14:22:35 GMT
On 6/22/06, David Crossley <> wrote:
> Peter Hunsberger wrote:
> >  I gave the dept. director a copy of the Corporate License
> > Agreement and they will consider it, and I will certainly try and
> > sneak some time in to do some stuff on the individual side.
> A lot of people misinterpret the purpose of the
> Corporate Contributor License Agreement. As i said
> to Jason, the recent archives of legal-discuss@ are
> a big help.

I'd really like to get some "corporate" buy-in into making active
Cocoon contributions.  It would help our maintenance process, as well
possibly helping the Cocoon project.

The traditional thinking around here is that we license our stuff to
help fund the hospital and the research, but if we can show that some
of this stuff costs money to maintain over what it might return in
revenue then I think we may have a real chance of actually getting
some buy-in to sponsoring real man hours (though few and far between)
to the Cocoon project.

Peter Hunsberger
(back from the beach, sun burned and needing a vacation)

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