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From "Martijn C. Vos" <>
Subject RE: [CForms] Tree widget based on XML document
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2006 09:56:29 GMT

Bruno Dumon [] wrote:
> > I think Cocoon only needs one tree model and that is a tree 
> > model based on
> > XML. The selection-list widget has the possibility to 
> > declare static content
> > in the form definition and can also refer to an xml 
> > document in the src
> > attribute. Something like that would be nice for the tree widget.
> I don't see why the tree widget should be limited to XML models only,
> the selection list isn't limited to that either (see e.g. the jxpath
> selection list). Dictating to use XML would again require needless
> conversions from Java to XML when it is not needed.

I don't think it should necessarily be the only one, but it
definitely should be the default tree. Everything can be converted
to XML, and Cocoon is designed around XML. The only reason to use
something else is to skip a conversion step and save a bit of
time, but unlike the current trees, a good XML tree can do anything.


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