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From Andrew Savory <>
Subject Re: Visiting get together
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2006 10:07:17 GMT
Hi Nils,

Nils Kaiser wrote:

> I read some information about a cocoon get together this year. I am a 
> german student working since a while as developer and currently involved 
> in a cocoon project, and would be glad to assist the get together.

Thanks, we'd certainly welcome your input and assistance.

> Apart of beeing very interested by the future direction of cocoon I 
> think I could provide some ideas for the future pipeline work, 
> especially on dynamic (content-aware) pipelines, as we are currently 
> having some similar requirements in our projects. For the moment, we 
> solve that problems with a DOM4J based transformer which evaluates some 
> xpath conditions on the pipeline input to decide wether to run a 
> transformation or not, which works but surely is not the best solution. 
> By the way maybe I can get my employer to allow me to provide the stuff 
> to the community...

Interesting stuff! Please do contribute anything you can here on the dev 
list, there's no need to wait until the gettogether to get involved! :-)

> Is there any final date yet for the get together yet?? I hope it won't 
> be before 12th of october as I am on holidays in Nepal before ;)

The currently proposed dates are Monday 2nd, Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 
4th of October, which unfortunately fall during your Nepal vacation.


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