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From hepabolu <>
Subject Re: i18n Translation in cocoon
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2006 09:58:42 GMT
sat2_waran said the following on 15/6/06 11:31:
> Hi 
> We are using Cocoon 2.1(Web publishing Framework)
> We have some problem in getting the i18n content in pages.
> If we hardcode the key value like for instance,
> <i18n:text>input-text</i18n:text> then the translated value is getting
> printed (for example “output-text”),
> For Example: input-text is ‘home’ corresponding value is ‘Espana’ in
> message.xml [ <message key=”home”>Espana</message>]
>  But if we try to  get  the key value from xsl variable, like
> <i18n:text><xsl:value-of select=”$variable”/></i18n:text> it’s
not working
> although the $variable contains the value as ‘home’. The output comes as
> “home”.
> But the expected result is ‘Espana’
> Could you please help us to resolve this problem?
> We will be very grateful to you if you could help us as soon as possible.

I've seen this question recently. Two suggestions where made that would 
be the first I would look into:

1. is the i18n transformation done AFTER your xsl transformation that 
solves the "value-of $variable"?

2. comment out all transformations after this xsl transformation and 
just serialize it to xml to check if you actually get 

I suspect the first suggestion solves your problem.

Finally, if none of these work, check that "message.xml" is actually 
used, not FormsMessages.xml or OtherMessages.xml.


Bye, Helma

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