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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject [Vote] New committers
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2006 19:16:45 GMT

I'd like to introduce some people of our community and invite them for 
becoming committers of the Cocoon project. Three people do I have in 
mind: Andreas Hochsteger, Peter Hunsberger and Jason Johnston.

1. Andreas Hochsteger

He has been active in our community since more than 4 years. Nearly from
the beginning he has been actively taking part in discussions on this
list. In the nearest past his main focus seemed to be the stabilization
of our trunk, especially with M10N. IMO with his help we can further
improve in that area - and others as well.

2. Peter Hunsberger

Yes, he is one of those candidates many people wonder they are not
already committers. He has a very good and in-depth knowledge of the
Cocoon internals. He always provides very valuable comments to our RT
discussions. Due to legal restrictions within the company he works for
he might not deliver so much code, but he would not be the first one.
His knowledge and the deriving involvement make him also a valuable
member of our community.

3. Jason Johnston

Jason has a completely different focus. His involvement seems to have
risen from the typical user perspective. Getting more and more used to
Cocoon and especially CForms he helps our users by answering many
questions and providing helpful comments on the users list - a typical
area where the Cocoon community wants to improve steadily.

With Andreas, Peter and Jason becoming Cocoon committers I hope for 
further improvements on the Cocoon project. Especially their quite 
different foci might help very much.

So please cast your votes about inviting Andreas, Peter and Jason as 
Cocoon committers.



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