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From Fred Vos <>
Subject [CForms] Tree widget based on XML document
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2006 21:49:31 GMT

On the 30th of may, Martijn C. Vos asked the users list if there was a tree
model for the tree widget, using an XML document as input. See

I answered him that at work we developed such a tree model. Later Simone
Gianni asked if I could contribute my code via Jira. I did some cleanup work,
preparing the code for contribution, but the code still depends on the XOM
library. Though I like the XOM library, I do not think an extra dependency,
only for this tree, is a good thing if other libraries already included in
Cocoon, offer the necessary functionality. Also the tree model uses an URL in
the src attribute. One cannot use src="cocoon:/bla" for instance, only
src="file:///path/to/xmldoc" or "".

There's another reason why I do not think a patch is a good thing. The tree
widget is a really nice addition to cocoon 2.1.8. But the current
implementations of tree models (DefaultTreeModel, SourceTreeModel and
JavaTreeModel) and the samples are difficult to comprehend. Their
implementations in the source tree are different from other widgets. Somehow
it must be possible to make the tree widget easier to use.

I think Cocoon only needs one tree model and that is a tree model based on
XML. The selection-list widget has the possibility to declare static content
in the form definition and can also refer to an xml document in the src
attribute. Something like that would be nice for the tree widget. Another
thing that is necessary is the possibility to add key-value pairs to every
folder and node, available in the form template. To create a directory tree
with directories and files, showing filename, size, date et cetera, then
requires the use of a directory generator and transforming its output to an
xml document that can be used in the tree widget.

The tree widget is the most complicated widget in CForms and it will stay the
most complicated widget, no matter how much work is done on making its use
easier. I am prepared to start work on replacing the current implementations
of tree models with one model and trying to make its use easier, but I do not
have much time for it. So, before doing anything, I want to ask the community
if you think this is a good idea. I'm new to developing Cocoon components, so
if I start to work on it, I need someone to help me getting started and to
review my code, if possible someone who understands CForms.


|E  R
| D  F
|fred at fredvos dot org
|5235 DG 52 NL +31 73 6411833

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