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From "Warrell" <>
Subject Proposal for web service proxy transformer
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 09:11:18 GMT
Hi All,


Does the community agree that a new Cocoon SOAP proxy transformer could
better support the increasing demand for SOA applications realised through
SOAP Web services?


I ask this because having used the WSProxyGenerator for a REST web service
GetByOrganisationAddress (worked very well) I found that there was no
support for a SOAPAction. I modified the WSProxyGenerator to HTTPPost a
SOAPAction and use the HTTPRequest InputStream as the SOAP Message. However
this meant that I could not do anything to the SOAP Message before it got to
Cocoon. The StreamGenerator was the obvious choice to take the SOAP message
and put it into the pipeline but I could not see a way to use the two
generators in series. To overcome this I hacked together a
CustomDOMTransformer and this has proved useful for me and at least one
other Cocoon user.  I have looked around and see that some people use XSP to
do something similar. Also Antonio Gallardo has created to do something similar for
the Axis block. Please let me know gently if I have missed something else


I get the impression that XSP is being (or should be) deprecated. Although
many people are, I was never personally fond of JSP/ASP and similarly I
worry that Axis is doing more to obfuscate Web Services than make them easy
to implement. As we all know this is a great opportunity for Cocoon to
spread its reach. More components and samples that make this simple to
understand and easy to do must be a good thing. I have put my very simple
implementation at 


With your approval and help I would like to move this forward and maybe get
it into the 2.2 release.


Thank you for Cocoon,


Best regards,



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