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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: Automatic releases
Date Wed, 24 May 2006 19:28:19 GMT

Reinhard Poetz wrote:

> Is there any possibility to provide automatic *unofficial* releases of
> our artifacts? I'm asking because for me (and I think for others too)
> it's an important requirement that only non-SNAPSHOT artifacts are used
> in my POMs. That's the only way to guarantee that a POM working today
> will still work tommorrow or in two years.

I fully agree with your argument about producing reproducible artifacts.

However I'm not sure what to think when you say 'unofficial release'. A
release is a release, whether we send a note to announce@a.o or not.

> What I'm thinking of is using Continiuum to automatically release our
> artifacts once every one or two weeks. Any chance to get this done or in
> other words, does M2 support this?

Until we have mastered the manual release process we shouldn't attempt
to give this responsibility to continuum - not that it's not possible
though (i even think it's quite easy to do so).

We obviously have come to the point where we need to seriously start
looking at the release plugin and find out how it fits into our build
infrastructure. I could do some ground work here and document the
process for others to follow, unless someone else volunteers ?


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