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From "Arje Cahn" <>
Subject [GT2006] Call for ideas part 1: summary
Date Wed, 31 May 2006 10:14:41 GMT
Hi Cocoon-dev,

Below is a summary of ideas that I received on my first GT2006 email.
I'm quite surprised that some of them actually suggest to skip the public talks, or at least
to focus 
even stronger on the Hackaton.

Also, I'm suprised that I got *no* response from the cocoon-users list (naive as I am :) ).

I'm a little bit worried that the Cocoon GetTogether is becoming too much of a Cocoon DEV-Together...

Wouldn't it be good from a community point of view if we open up a little and target 1 whole
day to 
the cocoon-users? This is something I could ask the Users list. Hopefully we can then lower
the barrier 
for people to come to the GetTogether and get involved in Cocoon. I think we could use the
GetTogether much 
more as a "marketing" event for Cocoon. Pretty much all of the Cocoon core developers show
up - why not 
do shorter, flashier presentations of what you can achieve with Cocoon, right from the core

Add 2 days of Hackaton, with more informal in-depth talks as last year's Cocoon internals.

Apart from all that, I've been so free to make a reservation at the Felix Meritis venue where
we held the 
Hackaton last year. For three whole days: 

Monday 2nd, Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th of October, from 9AM to 11PM :)

This is by no means definitive! But I think Felix Meritis had a good vibe (more like the Ghent
I've reserved both the Hackaton "Moshpit" and the really nice "Zuilenzaal", which can hold
up to 100-200 
people, depending on the setting. This makes us much more flexible. It would even be an option
rent both rooms during the Talks day, so we end up with a three day hackaton + public talks

Let me know what you think!

-- Arjé


Helma van der Linden: 
     - Could help
     - Prefers 2 days hackaton again.
     - I had the impression that the [extra?] Hackathon day moved Cocoon much more forward
than a 
       single 'First Friday'

Andrew Savory: 
     - Happy to help
     - Rome, Milan, Australia, London, but has no objections against Ghent or Amsterdam again
     - I felt a little wiped-out by the third day last year. But if it's only two days, an

       early start to the hackathon is a must
     - I think we could explore hiring the hackathon venue later in the evening and doing

       a proper beer-n-pizza event

Reinhard Poetz:
     - Amsterdam is a really great town and there is a direct flight from Vienna
     - October is fine 
     - at least two days for a hackathon and one day with public sessions; thinking more about
it, a 
       three days hackathon would be even better. I know that not everybody wants to invest
3 days 
       just for doing programming stuff, but having a location would be great for those (like
       that would want..

Marcus Crafter:
     - On Australia: Top idea - perhaps somewhere near the beach:

Bertrand Delacretaz:
     - Why not repeat Amsterdam, very convenient in terms of flights from many places
     - October was good
     - Two days is fine IMHO, but I'd suggest a two-days Hackathon including talks
     - Having just a Hackathon, with more or less improvised talks, might be cool and much
easier to 
       organize. People could sign up on site to give a talk while we're there, in an informal
     - most information-rich time was the discussion of Cocoon internals
     - The "public talks" day is also good, but such talks can also happen at ApacheCon
     - Venue should stay open (including Internet connection ;-) much longer than last time:
9AM to 10PM

Sylvain Wallez:
     - repeat Amsterdam
     - October was good
     - public talks: it makes sense to showcase and promote Cocoon at ApacheCon, reaching
a more 
       diverse audience [instead of the Cocoon GT]

Ralph Goers:
     - proposes that it be done on the tutorial days [of the ApacheCon US]: Monday and Tuesday.

     - proposes that it be held either at the same site as ApacheCon US, or somewhere close


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