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Subject [jira] Subscription: COCOON-open-with-patch
Date Mon, 29 May 2006 13:13:49 GMT
Issue Subscription
Filter: COCOON-open-with-patch (91 issues)
Subscriber: cocoon

Key         Summary
COCOON-1825 Ajax errror when an active state widget become invisible state widget
COCOON-1811 [PATCH] Flow Script: Allow dynamic loading of JavaScript objects even when scope
is locked
COCOON-1810 [PATCH] JMSEventMessageListener does not work
COCOON-1801 [PATCH] Repeater events
COCOON-1794 [PATCH] Propagation of namespaces to a repeaters child bindings and implementation
of a move-node binding
COCOON-1782 [PATCH] Support for CSS classes in cocoon forms XSL
COCOON-1781 Processing phase listener cannot be configured from form definitio
COCOON-1776 [PATCH]Reload Bookmarks on bookmark file validity
COCOON-1774 Fine Tuning Ajax Handling in CForms
COCOON-1772 [PATCH] AuthenticationContext: NullPointerException
COCOON-1744 NullPointerException in template block
COCOON-1741 [PATCH] Output widget does not initialize from <fd:initial-value>
COCOON-1738 double-listbox problem in repeaters
COCOON-1732 Ajax and IE empty textarea bugfix
COCOON-1726 Implementation of Source that supports conditional GETs
COCOON-1717 Use custom cache keys for caching uri coplets using input modules.
COCOON-1706 Allow TeeTransformer to run a system command for debugging purposes
COCOON-1703 A patch for caching fonts (fixes GDI issues), vertical text orientation, color
code fix, prefered unit for margins and measure unit converter
COCOON-1697 Allow request parameters to be used in "for (var k in h)" kind of Javascript Loops
COCOON-1692 [PATCH] Tree widget not handling on-selection-change events correctly.
COCOON-1686 [PATCH] COCOON-1671 Form not binding when prefix in binding definition is unequal
to that in the instance data for the same namespace.
COCOON-1648 I18nTransformer add support for ISO8601
COCOON-1622 [PATCH] SendMailTransformer and HTML body
COCOON-1618 [PATCH] SoapGenerator/Serializer for Axis Block
COCOON-1611 [PATCH] Add additonal constructor to to be able to pass a locale
COCOON-1606 [BUG+PATCH] does not parse in BigDecimal mode
COCOON-1603 [PATCH] handling of alternatives in MailTransformer
COCOON-1587 [PATCH] Simple i18n support for selectionLists
COCOON-1573 Improvement SetAttributeJXPathBinding and Contribution SetNodeValueJXPathBinding
COCOON-1557 [PATCH] Change access to AbstractContinuable.getContext to protected
COCOON-1556 [PATCH] Add a JXPathConvertor for conversion betwean beans and Strings
COCOON-1535 [PATCH] enhancement to {global:} input module: return all sitemap globals
COCOON-1527 [PATCH] Cache control logic sheets for XSP to override getKey and getValidity
COCOON-1526 [PATCH] processToDOM returns a read-only DOM
COCOON-1519 [PATCH] TeeTransformer refactoring
COCOON-1515 [PATCH] Add remoteUser() information to RequestGenerator
COCOON-1511 [Patch] User-Agent is PARAMETER, not HEADER in Command-line interface
COCOON-1508 [PATCH] Avalonize TranscoderFactory
COCOON-1506 [PATCH] Manually specifying a mounted sitemap's context
COCOON-1489 [PATCH] XInclude transformer does not handle fallback correctly
COCOON-1488 [PATCH] htmlunit-based testing, needs to be ported to 2.2
COCOON-1467 ESQL exception handling problem
COCOON-1439 [poi] vertical text orientation and font cache
COCOON-1402 [Patch] Cocoon incorrectly handles form encoding when form is passed as "multipart/form-data"
COCOON-1398 New CachingPortletAdapter
COCOON-1395 [PATCH] Missing ContextAttributeInputModule
COCOON-1394 [PATCH] Implementation of PortletRequest#getQueryString()
COCOON-1384 [PATCH] flow redirector should allow explicit 'cocoon:' scheme
COCOON-1372 [PATCH] SmbAuthAction
COCOON-1370 [PATCH] proxy block can now use JTidy and handle multipart POST
COCOON-1368 [PATCH] HTTPRequestTransformer
COCOON-1362 [PATCH] log4j.xconf should have the same default config as logkit.xconf
COCOON-1360 [patch] client side validation for CForms
COCOON-1354 [Patch] status-code on serializer not expanding variables
COCOON-1345 [PATCH] Suggestion for a conversion block
COCOON-1340 [PATCH] lucene block contribution : a AnalyzerManager component
COCOON-1337 [PATCH] Suggestion for widget population
COCOON-1336 [PATCH] PortletWindowAspect: hiding portlet mode icons and new feature "force-sizable"
COCOON-1332 [PATCH] content-length and content-type for portlet ActionRequest
COCOON-1330 [PATCH] redirect to relative urls does not work correctly in Websphere 5.1
COCOON-1329 [PATCH] Fix for cocoon.jar bundled in ear common for portal.war and portlet.war
COCOON-1325 [PATCH] commons-fileupload based multipart parser
COCOON-1302 [Patch] Word Document Generator
COCOON-1301 [Patch] Image Operation Reader
COCOON-1295 ParallelContentAggregator, multithreaded aggregating
COCOON-1294 [PATCH] JavaClassWidgetListenerBuilder add LifeCycle
COCOON-1266 [PATCH] Resource reader fails to add HTTP headers
COCOON-1260 [PATCH] MultipartParser can now handle multipart/mixed
COCOON-1254 [Patch] OWQLTransformer + RDQLTransformer
COCOON-1249 [Patch] XMLDBSource should accept scheme://user:pass@host:port/path URIs
COCOON-1232 [PATCH] NEW--ModuleDB Action for ORACLE( auto. increment )
COCOON-1220 [PATCH] PaginatedRepeater widget for CForms
COCOON-1203 [PATCH] inserver junit testing
COCOON-1200 [PATCH] XML CSS engine
COCOON-1185 [PATCH] BerkeleyDBStore
COCOON-1147 [PATCH] namespace issues with XMLDBTransformer
COCOON-1125 [PATCH] Updated CastorTransformer + samples
COCOON-1027 [PATCH] CocoonBean add additional features for reprocessing pipelines and interrupt
COCOON-996  [PATCH] produces CLOBs
COCOON-988  [PATCH] StreamGenerator can't handle multipart request parameters correctly
COCOON-881  [PATCH] file upload component for usage with flowscript
COCOON-871  [PATCH] XML posting from SourceWritingTransformer by using an enhanced HTTPClientSource
COCOON-867  [PATCH] wsinclude and htmlinclude transformers
COCOON-865  [PATCH] New ResourceLoadAction
COCOON-844  [PATCH] adding <wd:on-phase> and moving load() and save() to Form.
COCOON-825  [PATCH] Fix Bug: Better handling of CLOB in esql (get-xml) and handling of Oracle
'temporary lobs'
COCOON-806  [PATCH]: HSSF Serializer does not process <gmr:PrintInformation>
COCOON-719  [PATCH] Support for transactions in SQLTransformer
COCOON-717  [PATCH] Namespace cleanup in HTMLSerializer
COCOON-665  [PATCH] HSSFSerializer Support for FreezePane
COCOON-574  [PATCH] fixed redirect under JRun 3.1

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