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From "Ralph Goers" <>
Subject Re: [RT] Simplifying setup
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 16:05:32 GMT
Thanks for the link Daniel.  I took a look at it and reread your original
email.  Parts of it I think are good ideas but I have one major concern. 
I think it is a bad idea to architect things such that the CocoonServlet
will not run unless some ServletContextListener has previously run.
However, I have no problem at all with allowing for
ServletContextListeners to override or extend default behaviors though.

I've been working a lot with Jetspeed lately. It uses Spring for darn near
everything. However, it doesn't seem to use the approach discussed below. 
Rather, they just have an assembly directory with a whole bunch of
configuration files.  It seems you can just add your own file to the
directory to add whatever behaviors you want.  I guess I prefer that
behavior over having to modify the web.xml (actually, I hate modifying the

As for getting rid of the Cocoon object and your other suggestions, I
don't have any real concern there.  Actually, I'd prefer a main servlet
that gets a Spring configuration and then just hands off control to a
component configured there.  But that might make it all even harder to
understand since it would then be very loosely coupled.


Daniel Fagerstrom said:
> Ralph Goers skrev:
>> Daniel Fagerstrom said:
>>> Carsten Ziegeler skrev:
>>>> Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
>>>>> <snip rt/>
>>>> I'm mostly fine with your proposed changes if you think that this
>>>> helps
>>>> Cocoon. In the end all changes that don't require to rewrite or change
>>>> our current blocks are fine for me.
>>> It will mean some changes for the portal block as it use the Cocoon
>>> component and the same complicated setup as the the CocoonServlet.
>>> Geting a component container that is setup by a servlet context
>>> listener
>>> through the portlet context should work fine a simplify the portlet
>>> setup as well.
>> Please provide an example of what this would look like.  I really need
>> to
>> understand how this will simplify anything.
> Here
> you can see the standard way of integrating a Spring container in a web
> framework. I propose that we should do the same in Cocoon. That doesn't
> mean a simplification in itself, but the refactoring of the core that I
> propose mean that it will be much easier to follow what happen in Cocoon
> and thus taking part in development. It will also mean that it will be
> easier for people who want to build new things, like a RoR style
> controller or a flowscript controller to do that.
>               --- o0o ---
> For the rest of your mail Reinhard have already answered that.
> It is time for you to back up all your opinions with some actual coding
> on the trunk.
> /Daniel

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