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From ext-ml <>
Subject (Almost) Stateless Portal Use Case
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 11:20:35 GMT

I have some questions regarding the portal - primary how you can use it in a
more stateless way.

The reasons for this are the following:
1. It should be cached as much as possible by Squid (reverse Proxy) -
Images, CSS, JS, whole portal pages, ...
2. URLs should be readable, bookmarkable and always refer to the same
3. We don't want our users to actively configure the portal but we want the
possibility to (de-)activate or exchange Coplets based on the User's data in
our (own) Usermanagement
4. Channels (source for portal pages/tabs) and boxes (source for coplets)
are defined in an CMS -> dynamic changes to the portal!

Here are some concrete questions:
* How can I pass XSL parameters to coplets, depending on the URI, the
currently active channel or some other information? This is needed e.g. for
styling within coplets which are depending on data which is defined for the
channel. In our current implementation this is transported using the user
session which is not where it should be IMHO.
* Is it really required to aggregate all channels within the CMS and
transform them into the tab-layout which is required by the portal? To me it
seems that this aggregation is a bottle-neck which doesn't provide any
benefit, since all content but the active channel (or tab) is discarded
again when the portal generator has been run.
* To satisfy the conflicting statements 1 & 3 from above, is it feasable to
leave static coplets on the portal layout and display iframes for the
dynamic ones which are then evaluated in an extra request? This way only the
personalized parts of the portal are served by Tomcat/Cocoon and all static
parts of the portal can be served directly from the Squid.
* I read about the browser-back-button problems regarding the event ids. Is
there a solution available (we are using Cocoon 2.1.9)?

Are there any other things which might be of importance for us in this

Thanks in advance,


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