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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Re: Automatic releases
Date Wed, 31 May 2006 19:07:59 GMT
Jorg Heymans wrote:
> Reinhard Poetz wrote:
>>a) Everybody learns to run the release plugin and produces artifacts
>>himself and can deploy them to his own repositories. Question (to Jorg):
>>Is this possible at all (IIUC the release plugin automatically tags your
>>release in SVN)? And if yes, how difficult is it?
> The release plugin *can* do 2 things (note that you don't *have* to use
> it to start releasing artifacts, it is supposed to make your life easier
> though), these materialize under the form of 2 goals in the plugin
> release:prepare
> ---------------
> a. only possible if you have non-snapshot dependencies in the pom
> b. m2 checks if your local working has any uncommitted changes and will
> refuse to do the release preparation if you have any
> c. if a&&b, then m2 goes through the release preparation:
>   - asks you for the release version for all modules in the release
>   - asks you for the name of the release tag
>   - asks you for next development version for all modules in the release
> d. changes all poms using the version numbers for the release
> e. does full build integration build with all tests, these must not fail
> in order for the release preparation to continue
> f. commit the transformed poms
> g. tag the current revision
> h. changes all poms using the version numbers for the next development
> version
> (well i just noticed i'm describing exactly this here:
> release:perform
> ---------------
> - checks out the tag that was specified for the release during
> release:prepare
> - runs a full integration build with all tests on the checked out tag
> - builds the jars
> - deploys them to the repository
> I toyed around with the plugin over the weekend, it is certainly not as
> easy as the docs make it sound like. There are a few annoying flaws (eg
> MRELEASE-123) that make it hard for novice maven users to do a release
> with one or two commands.
> If this process can be automated i cannot tell yet, from my experience
> until now i'ld say not because way too fragile.
> Don't forget that there is always the manual way, changing pom
> descriptors and tagging modules is not that hard for a couple of modules.

Thanks Jorg! In the meantime I found a discussion about auto-releases on the 
Maven dev list:

I don't think that Dan's work was integrated by Brett though but at least we are 
not the only ones having this need.

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