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From Antonio Gallardo <>
Subject Re: [continuum] BUILD FAILURE: Core Webapp
Date Wed, 31 May 2006 14:31:15 GMT
Hi Carsten, did you aware of

<action dev="RG" type="fix" fixes-bug="COCOON-1742">
      The JDK 1.4 version of the EncodeURLTransformer did not work 
properly as it was not matching just the
      beginning of the string as the Jakarta-regexp version does. The 
transformer was corrected to only match
      the beginning of the string.  In 2.1.9 this error can be 
circumvented by configuring the transformer and
      adding "*" to the end of each pattern.


Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.

Carsten Ziegeler escribió:
> Yesterday I found a serious bug in our matcher code. If you define a
> matcher like "*.xml" it should match everything ending with ".xml", but
> in fact, if the string to test contains the end token ".xml" twice, it
> does not match. For example "hallo.xml.xml" does currently not match!
> I added a test case for this bug, so this is the reason why the build is
> currently failing.
> Carsten

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