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From Igor Naumov <>
Subject HSQLDB shutdown
Date Wed, 31 May 2006 06:41:41 GMT
I think this has been discussed before and I even have seen some patches 
suggested back in 2002, but I am using 2.1.9 and still have problems 
with HSQLDB not shutting down properly.

I am running Cocoon 2.1.9 on SAP NetWeaver J2EE server and when I stop 
the application, HSQLDB server apparently exits (no listener on port 9002),
but the database's lock file remains locked. Then if I start the 
application again, the database cannot start (apparently because of the 
lock), unless I restart the whole J2EE engine.
If I remember correctly, I also tried it on WebSphere with a similar effect.

The only way around it that I've found is to get a connection to the 
database inside org.apache.cocoon.components.hsqldb.ServerImpl.stop method
and execute a "SHUTDOWN" query (not the server's shutdown method - does 
not work).
Then the database is unlocked and it comes up normally when the 
application is started again.

The must be a more elegant way to shutdown the database, but it looks 
like the shutdown query has to be executed anyway, the question is where 
is the most appropriate place for it.


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