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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: [2.2] Configuration
Date Fri, 26 May 2006 05:41:52 GMT
Running mode is not. I brought back the property stuff to 2.1, although 
I'm not sure it is exactly the same as in 2.2. I had to implement it in 
a different place as the core has changed.  Also, there are a lot of 
pre-defined properties in 2.1. I don't know if Carsten has done that in 
2.2 and if he has then the variable names probably aren't the same.


Antonio Gallardo wrote:
> Hi,
> This stuff is already available in 2.1, right?
> Best Regards,
> Antonio Gallardo.
> Carsten Ziegeler escribió:
>> Reinhard Poetz wrote:
>>> Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
>>>> It was in some readme in the root directory; I guess it moved to
>>>> somewhere else during the great refactoring?
>>> hmm, can't find it in 
>>> :-(
>> It was in install.txt: here is the text I orginally committed - but I
>> think others changed the text afterwards:
>> Choosing the running mode
>> -------------------------
>> Cocoon comes with a smart configuration mechanism based on "running
>> modes". The
>> configuration of Cocoon is based on XML files for the various 
>> components. To
>> customize these configuration files you can define properties to 
>> which you
>> can refer to from within the configuration files.
>> You can define as many property files and define your own properties as
>> you want.
>> Store them in the WEB-INF/properties directory and Cocoon will read 
>> all of
>> them on start up. You can then refer to the values of the properties by
>> using the common ${PROPERTY_NAME} syntax in your configuration file.
>> In addition Cocoon supports running modes. You define a running mode 
>> when
>> you start Cocoon (default is "dev"). Now this name of the running 
>> mode is
>> used to read additional property files on startup. Cocoon reads first 
>> all
>> property files from "WEB-INF/properties" and then from
>> "WEB-INF/properties/${RUNNING_MODE}". For example if you have different
>> database connections during development and in production, just put
>> a properties file containing the connection information for development
>> in the "WEB-INF/properties/dev" directory and put another property file
>> with the production settings in "WEB-INF/properties/prod".
>> You can easily switch the running mode by setting the system property
>> "org.apache.cocoon.mode" on startup of Cocoon ,for example:
>> "-Dorg.apache.cocoon.mode=prod".
>> Note, that "dev" and "prod" are not predefined. So you can create a
>> "myenv" directory underneath the properties directory and set the
>> running mode to "myenv" etc.

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