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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject What does a Cocoon 2.2 release consist of?
Date Tue, 16 May 2006 09:20:30 GMT
Jorg Heymans wrote:
> Ralph Goers wrote:
>>0. Download and install maven version 2.0.4 or later.
>>1. Create a pom.xml listing the appropriate Cocoon blocks you will be
>>using.  The pom.xml files for all Cocoon blocks specify their
>>dependencies so other blocks will also be included as required.
>>2. Create a "normal" web application structure. In the WEB-INF directory
>>create an xconf subdirectory and a configuration file to contain all
>>your application specific configuration items which are not
>>automatically provided by the included blocks.  Sitemap components
>>should also be configured there.
>>3. Create the sitemaps necessary for your application.
>>4. Run "maven war:exploded".  This will create the cocoon web
>>application. It will automatically invoke the Cocoon block plugin to
>>integrate the required Cocoon blocks into your web application.
> steps 1..3 can be done in an archetype to make things even easier. The
> root pom could contain all blocks commented out, initially the user
> would just uncomment the ones he needs - just to get things working
> initially. We could precreate the xconf dirs and put some examples there
> on how to get things done.
> Note that archetypes were suffering from several pesky limitations a few
> months ago,  i think they're due for another round of evaluation now.
> Other than that i fully agree with your email, it's how things were
> intented to work more or less. Reinhard's block deployer has never been
> far off achieving what you describe here.

I wanted to discuss this some weeks ago but IIRC I didn't get any answers. 
Jorg's questions makes me think about it again. What does a Cocoon 2.2 release 
consist of?

IIUC a Cocoon 2.2 release is providing artifacts in public Maven 2 repositories. 
This is

  - cocoon-core
  - blocks (for the first we should only release forms and template - and maybe
    pdf, apples, mail and javaflow)
  - deployer-core and deployer-plugin
  - an archetype to start a Cocoon project

Additionally we can provide a that contains web application that 
is created with the cocoon-webapp module but this is only a demo and should 
*not* be used by people to start their projects.


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