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From hepabolu <>
Subject Re: ApacheCon Hackaton: focus on 2.2? - Documentation
Date Fri, 12 May 2006 07:53:30 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler said the following on 11-05-2006 17:57:
> the ugly or boring stuff. A simple example is documentation, but there


I wholeheartedly agree that documentation needs to be tackled. I just 
want to explain my low profile here: there are some troubles in my 
private life as well as in my day-to-day job and since my Cocoon project 
is on the back burner I cannot use company time any more to work on Cocoon.
That said, I also have no clue where to start studying trunk and given 
the discussions here I decided just to wait until trunk is stable and 
In the meantime Simone and I have/had some discussions offlist about the 
structure of the documentation. His ideas sound good and I prefer actual 
work done to a long discussion to reach consensus on the best structure. 
So I suggest that we give Simone some time to flesh out his ideas in Daisy.
My intention is to get pages with short descriptions of what should be 
in there so that others can jump in and replace the description with 
actual content. I believe it's much easier to write documentation when 
you're triggered by a short summary.
We could then use Daisy's flexibility to (re)arrange pages or even move 
content into specialized DocumentParts. I know this means we risk ending 
up with a large batch of tedious copy and paste jobs, but I'd rather run 
this risk than having no documentation at all.

Bye, Helma

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