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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: ApacheCon Hackaton: focus on 2.2?
Date Wed, 10 May 2006 17:49:51 GMT
Antonio Gallardo skrev:
> Bertrand's idea is excellent. If we explain the new cocoon to the rest 
> of the development community we will get more hands into it. I know 
> Daniel and you did it many times on the list an perhaps on other media 
> and that you might be tired of doing this. But please keep in mind 
> people needs time to digest new ideas and I hope this time everything 
> becomes a big success.

I'm in no way tired of explaining cool designs and technical stuff for 
interested people, I will never become tired in that. I also understand, 
and have a long experience about that people need time to digest new 
ideas. And that really inventive stuff, like what we are developing, 
takes a lot of time digest. Although I of course could wish that it was 
simpler, I have no problems with that the world works in this way.

I also liked Bertrand's idea and I will of course spend a lot of time 
explaining and discussing what I know about Cocoon core, blocks fw, etc, 
with those interested during the hackaton.

                                --- o0o ---

What I find tiering are the hostile reactions that some of my more 
technical writings seem to provoke. You know, first I spend many, many 
evenings and weekends designing and implementing cool stuff. Then I 
spend a lot of time trying to describe my thought, designs and 
implementations as clear and pedagogical as I'm able to. And then the 
main reaction are long discussions about that Cocoon is heading the 
wrong way, that we will never deliver, that it boring with long design 
documents, etc. This is rather disappointing.

As a result of this I am not writing much on the list anymore, the time 
I can spend on Cocoon is limited, so I focus on coding as most of the 
endless debates that we have on the list doesn't lead anywhere anyway.

How can Cocoon ever evolve if we don't discuss design and implementation 

                                --- o0o ---

This thread has also been about planning. Planning is most definitively 

One have to take the realities of open source development into account 
though. All contributions are voluntary, so you can plan your own time 
and contributions. You can also synchronize your planed contributions 
with other peoples planed contributions. You can try to make people 
enthusiastic about your plans so that they take part in realizing them. 
But that's about it. Observe that the key currency is *own 
contributions*, that is what counts, and what it is meaningful to plan 
and synchronize.

Now, I see again and again that people want or maybe even require that 
Cocoon should develop in one or another way, but they also say that they 
are not prepared to contribute any work to make it happen. Of course 
they really, really wish they had the time, but they havn't.

The tough reality is that if you want something, most of the time you 
have to work for it. And if you don't have time, you didn't want it 
enough, you gave something else higher priority. IMO discussions about 
what other people should contribute are fairly pointless and do more 
harm than good.

                                --- o0o ---

So please people, ask yourself what you want and can take part in 
contributing to and make that your focus.


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