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From Simone Gianni <>
Subject Re: Cocoon CRUD (was GSoC Proposals)
Date Wed, 10 May 2006 16:30:46 GMT
Hi Andrew,

Andrew Savory wrote:

> Ciao!

Ciao :)

> Simone Gianni wrote:
>> The default implementation will work on a relational database, using
>> JDBI as a persistence layer, and will require a configuration indicating
>> only database connection parameters (datasource name, or Spring bean
>> name, see later) and the table names.
> It ought to be possible to require just the database connection
> parameters (no table names); by default the tables should be
> automagically discovered.

Yep, sure, I was thinking of it in a "single table" operation. Obviusly
a side component (flow) will generate a list of tables with proper links
to "", "" etc..

> This might be a cool orthogonal thing to do at the Hackathon for those
> that aren't able to work on Cocoon 2.2, as well. If you haven't
> finished it by then, that is ;-)



Simone Gianni

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