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From Boris <>
Subject Re: Finding a name for OSGi based Cocoon
Date Wed, 10 May 2006 10:01:47 GMT
mmh, ok i didn't understood all the differences for what a OSGi-based 
cocoon is useful yet. But i think it would be a pity not to call it 
cocoon. In the end is there only the OSGi-based version of cocoon? Or 
are there two different versions? In the first case cocoon 3 sounds 
reasonable, and all 2.x versions are more or less maintenance-releases 
which could be released also after a 3.0 version. In the latter case a 
new name would be better. cocoon 1 and cocoon 2 are two quite different 
things too, but both called cocoon.
I use cocoon since years in the meanwhile and i loved it from all the 
beginning. I'am one of the guys who is writing more xml than java.


Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

>Reinhard Poetz schrieb:
>><hat type="neutral" mode="on">
>>Since the GT in Amsterdam, when Daniel used "Cocoon 3.0" for his proposal of an
>>OSGi based Cocoon, we have been talking about Cocoon 3.0 in different ways. For 
>>example in the meantime Sylvain used "Cocoon 3.0" as the subject of the 
>>discussion that he started in December.
>>While working with Daniel in April we used "Cocoon 3.0" as a name for our
>>vision of an OSGi-based Cocoon. The point is that the vision has become reality
>>in the meantime[1] and the number of open tasks (see JIRA
>> is manageable.
>>What I want is that we agree on a name for OSGi based Cocoon within the
>>Cocoon community, either "Cocoon 3.0" or a code name. We also have to take into 
>>account that trunk might also be released as Cocoon 2.3.
>>WDOT, should we use "Cocoon 3.0" for OSGi based Cocoon or find a code name and
>>tag it with a release number when we are close to our first milestone/alpha 
>I don't know if "3.0" is a good "name" or not, but I would really
>appreciate it if we try to release a 2.2/2.3 before a 3.0!

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