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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: [RT] Simplifying setup
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 07:26:06 GMT
Ralph Goers skrev:
> Daniel Fagerstrom said:
>> Carsten Ziegeler skrev:
>>> Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
>>>> <snip rt/>
>>> I'm mostly fine with your proposed changes if you think that this helps
>>> Cocoon. In the end all changes that don't require to rewrite or change
>>> our current blocks are fine for me.
>> It will mean some changes for the portal block as it use the Cocoon
>> component and the same complicated setup as the the CocoonServlet.
>> Geting a component container that is setup by a servlet context listener
>> through the portlet context should work fine a simplify the portlet
>> setup as well.
> Please provide an example of what this would look like.  I really need to
> understand how this will simplify anything.


you can see the standard way of integrating a Spring container in a web
framework. I propose that we should do the same in Cocoon. That doesn't
mean a simplification in itself, but the refactoring of the core that I
propose mean that it will be much easier to follow what happen in Cocoon
and thus taking part in development. It will also mean that it will be
easier for people who want to build new things, like a RoR style
controller or a flowscript controller to do that.

              --- o0o ---

For the rest of your mail Reinhard have already answered that.

It is time for you to back up all your opinions with some actual coding 
on the trunk.


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