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From Adrien Guillon <>
Subject Re: [RT] Resources Accessible Via Subsitemaps To Enable Better Re-Use
Date Thu, 04 May 2006 18:40:27 GMT
Okay, I really prefer this solution... porting my code from resources to 
virtual sitemap components in the future will be very easy from what I have 
seen.  Could you please direct me to a few classes to look at and 
documentation?  Maybe any pointers you could give for how to proceed?  This 
is my first dive into the guts of Cocoon :-)

I really do not want to sacrifice a good design because I'm missing 
components.  Also, I would be very interested in taking a better look at the 
new way that 2.2 does things, perhaps I will have some relevant input as I 
look at this rather complex project I am working on.

Thanks for the help!


On 4 May 2006 2:34 pm, Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> Adrien Guillon schrieb:
> > How difficult would it be to alter 2.1.9 instead, to allow access to
> > resources defined in parent sitemaps from children sitemaps?  If I can do
> > that, I can easily change the resource access methods to the virtual
> > sitemap components when 2.2 rolls out...
> That shouldn't be too hard I think. You have to dig into the tree
> processor code
> and find out how it works. At least it should be much easier to do that
> than to implement the virtual sitemap components in 2.1.9 :)
> Carsten

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