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From Adrien Guillon <>
Subject [RT] Resources Accessible Via Subsitemaps To Enable Better Re-Use
Date Thu, 04 May 2006 05:00:28 GMT
   Hello All,

   I have hit a stumbling block with Cocoon.  Basically, I have discovered on 
past mailing list discussions, that resources in a sitemap are not accessible 
by their mounted children sitemaps.  This presents a major obstacle for me.

   I understand that I can use the file generator with a call to cocoon://, 
and even access an internal pipeline to keep things somewhat more secure and 
separate concerns.  However, the fragments I am re-using do not contain a 
generator or a serializer.  Let me explain...

   Basically, I frequently make a call to the SQL transformer to fetch some 
information.  The result set is in an Apache SQL namespace, which is not what 
I want.  I then apply a generic stylesheet to the result set from the SQL 
transformer, to change the namespace to an internal namespace which reflects 
what this result embodies (there is more to it than just that, I'm not just 
changing the namespace, but the semantics of the result set too).  This helps 
me not make mistakes, because I can say to myself "AHA! This is such and such 
a result set, and so doesn't make sense here"... I also have other resources 
that will be added as time goes on, and I can think of uses for them :-)

   I have put this into a resource, so that with a few parameters I can 
perform the query (based off whatever XML is in the pipeline, and with a 
parameter specifying which datasource to use... e.g. test database or 
production)... another parameter specifies the namespace of the document.

   To my dismay, I cannot globally access the resources from the sub sitemaps.  
This severely limits my usage of Cocoon... I either have to find a way to 
"make it work" or come up with a creative solution.  However, I have 
frequently felt restricted in working with cocoon lately... I'm not putting 
down Cocoon in any way, just learning the Cocoon way takes some time :-)

   What is the official design reason for resources not being accessible by 
child site maps ?

   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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