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From "Bruyn Bill" <>
Subject FW: [CForms binding] access to model data from repeater row widget
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2006 17:48:49 GMT
This is probably a question more suitable for the dev-list...

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From: Bruyn Bill 
Sent: Monday, April 10, 2006 3:18 PM
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Subject: [CForms binding] access to model data from repeater row widget

Taken from:

>Re: [CForms binding] access to model data from repeater row widg 
>Sylvain Wallez - June 21, 2005 - 06:50
>>Mark Lundquist wrote:
>>Here is a scenario that I keep finding myself dealing with...
>>Some repeater is bound to a collection, and also contains one or more
>>widgets that are /not/ bound to the collection elements. For instance,

>>there might be a checkbox that means "do something to/with the thing 
>>in this row". After accepting the form, the processing entails 
>>iterating through the rows and doing something something with the 
>>corresponding object from the model layer, which means I need to be 
>>able to find/access that object.
>So in essence, you want to act on the selected rows, right? I
>encountered this already, and I've been thinking to explicitely add the

>selection concept to repeaters. That selection would be defined by a 
>boolean field present on each row. Note that a boolean field doesn't 
>necessarily means rendering as a checkbox. It can also be some 
>highlighting of selected rows.
>That would lead to
><fd:repeater name="repeater" selection="select">
>  <fd:widgets>
>    <fd:field id="name"/>
>    <fd:booleanfield id="select"/>
>  </fd:widgets>
>Repeater actions such as "delete-rows" would then no more have a need 
>be given the select widget's name as of today.
>And even more, repeater actions could have constraints on the selection
>size, such as single-selection, multiple-selection, leading these 
>actions to be disabled if their associated constraint isn't met.
>And finally, we may be able to specify on repeater bindings if they 
>to act on the whole repeater on just on the selection.

Has this gotten any traction?  Is it still reasonable?



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