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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject VNU Europe moves to Cocoon...
Date Sat, 29 Apr 2006 00:59:21 GMT
It's quite some time since you heard new announcements from me, but I  
think this is quite important...

We just finished launching the first of the EU countries here at VNU,  
powered by Cocoon: Italy.

This follows our very first launch (two years ago) of the UK sites  
powered by Cocoon, and intensifies the effort and dedication that the  
VNU team is putting in the Cocoon platform as a whole, producing one  
of the biggest pool of websites all powered by one excellent technology.

So, go and check out (you won't understand much  
unless you're Italian), and all the sites related to it:

And in the following months, we will take care of the other  
countries: Belgium, Nederlands, France, Spain, Germany...

Once again, I have to thank for this major milestone the people who  
actually made it happen:

- Ross McDonald (my favorite slave-monkey, you'll hear a lot more  
about him)
- Jeremy Quinn (who, as always, helped us immensely)
- Arje and Jeroen Reijn (yes, we _do_ use Hippo as our CMS) and all  
the Hippo team down in Amsterdam
- Gianugo and SourceSense/Pronetics

and all the peepz at VNU in the UK, Germany, Spain and France, who  
picked up the toy and delivered (once again) an _excellent_ set of  

And last (but not least), all the management team at VNU which  
believed in the technology and gave us "carte-blanche" to go ahead  
and use it...


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