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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Testing releases (was: AJAX samples broken)
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2006 16:05:04 GMT
Le 11 avr. 06 à 17:55, Jean-Baptiste Quenot a écrit :

> * Jean-Baptiste Quenot:
>> So   the  samples   need  to   be  adjusted   to  use   the  old
>> JXTemplateGenerator
> This is  why we  should vote for  a *release*  preferrably already
> deployed on  the zone and  not just for  the current state  of the
> branch.  Last-minute changes can have nasty side-effects...

I see your point, but even without changing our current procedures,  
proper testing of the release would have shown the bug.

I regret not voting -1 on the release last week instead of -0, as I  
didn't have time to test it and IIRC we had no precise testing  
reports, just some folks saying "seems to work for me".

We should have the courage to delay a release if our resources don't  
allow us to test it properly, and maybe work with temporary branches  
for releases, to avoid a too long code freeze.

If there is a Summer of Code this year, I think we should have a  
project to complete our automated tests - in this case, just testing  
that the Ajax sample page comes up correctly at the HTML level would  
have shown the problem.

Hmm..maybe two projects actually: one for plain HTML tests and one  
for automated tests of Ajax stuff.

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