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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: cocoon forms & bandwidth
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 06:12:42 GMT
Philippe LAPLANCHE wrote:
> dojo.js filesize = 144 Kb !!!!
> Isn't Ajax supposed to save bandwidth ????

Absolutely not. Ajax is meant to provide a better user experience, by
allowing partial page updates. This saves some full-page reloads, but
also implies more requests to the server, even if they return less data
than a full page.

> What's the point using such a huge library ? Some of my application
> users won't have broadband connections. Does that implies that I can't
> use cocoon forms with ajax at all ? Some users will have broadband
> connections ... So what's the good solution ?

See the discussion at

An important point is that dojo.js is loaded *once* and then cached by
the browser.

> There is no mechanism to prevent the provided xsl stylesheets putting
> all the stuff that we don't need in <head> </head>. If I understand the
> philosophy, I have to edit all the xsl files manually so that I get
> precisely what I want. Is that it ? Cocoon upgrades will be really hard
> then.

Yes. The XSLs must be refactored to isolate the Ajax-related styling in
a separate stylesheet. I will then be easy to remove the corresponding
<script> tags.


Sylvain Wallez -

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