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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Metadata for Cocoon not correct anymore
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2006 18:25:52 GMT
On 19.04.2006 10:29, Leo Simons wrote:

> look for all <nag/> tags and comment them out, and that will stop the flow
> of e-mail. Note it isn't quite "spamming" -- cocoon requested these e-mails,
> really!

I commented out the <nag> tag in the <module>, but not in each 
<project>. This should be sufficient as the sub projects depend on the 
core, which is not built due to knopflerfish-log. And the latter should 
no longer nag us.

> To work with the 2.1.x branch, if the build definitions that are currently
> in place for that branch are still correct (I suspect they might be, largely),

The 2.1 gump descriptor has not been maintained for such a long time 
that I don't share this optimism. But I would volunteer for setting it 
up and correcting it step by step.

> Alternatively, you could duplicate the module.xml tree with a "2.x" addition
> in there names (eg change names like cocoon-flow to cocoon-flow-2.x) to try
> and build both the 2.1 and trunk trees.

I would choose this alternative to not loose the trunk descriptor.


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