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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: [RT] Mini-Cocoon
Date Sun, 16 Apr 2006 09:25:54 GMT
Max Pfingsthorn skrev:
> Hi!
> I really like the idea to make cleancut interfaces between core components and factoring
them out.
> What I would really look forward to would be an abstraction of the processor level.

There is already a well known API for that: the servlet. We have had a 
number of discussions about using Servlet instead of Processor. The 
blocks architecture is based on servlets as processing level abstraction.

> That would allow
 > us to do cool rails-like things by implementing an MVC processor :). 
Berin hat this idea a
 > while ago [1]. Having a processor implementation would allow us to 
simply <map:mount> an mcv
 > component into publishy sitemap uri spaces, for example for the 
ever-recurring polls and so on,
 > while not polluting the sitemap language. Flowscript might be ok for 
smaller controlling needs, but
 > I think a dedicated java implementation would go a long way. Think of 
debugging for one thing.
 > Integrating Javaflow would be nice though for the stateful controllers.

You are going to like the blocks architecture, the block protocol 
already do what you are asking for see for 
the current state and for more about the block protocol.


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