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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Calculated fields
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2006 10:11:45 GMT
Simone Gianni wrote:
> Hi all,
> what about calculated fields? In a cocoon form I have a repeater, in
> the repeater there are some numeric fields, and i need to show the sum
> of values in these fields at the bottom of the page. This can be done
> with fd:value-changed and some javascript or custom classes, but
> actually since they are mentioned on Jira in the roadmap (
> ), I need them, and
> they are a good idea, I was wandering how to implement them.
> I tried prototyping something, and basically arrived to this :
> .. inside the repeater ..
> <fd:field id="items" required="true">
>  <fd:label>Items</fd:label>
>  <fd:datatype base="integer"/>
> </fd:field>
> <fd:field id="price" required="true">
>  <fd:label>Price</fd:label>
>  <fd:datatype base="double"/>
> </fd:field>
> <fd:calculatedfield id="subtotal" required="true" state="output">
>  <fd:label>Sub total</fd:label>
>  <fd:datatype base="double">
>     <fd:convertor type="formatting" variant="currency"/>
>  </fd:datatype>
>  <fd:algorithm type="arithmetic" operation="multiplicate">
>    <fd:triggers>items,price</fd:triggers>
>  </fd:algorithm>
> </fd:calculatedfield>
> .... outside the repeater ...
> <fd:calculatedfield id="totalitems" state="output" required="true">
>  <fd:label>Total items</fd:label>
>  <fd:datatype base="integer"/>
>  <fd:algorithm type="arithmetic" operation="sum">
>    <fd:triggers>/articles/*/items</fd:triggers>
>  </fd:algorithm>
> </fd:calculatedfield>
> <fd:calculatedfield id="totalitemscost" state="output" required="true">
>  <fd:label>Total cost</fd:label>
>  <fd:datatype base="double">
>    <fd:convertor type="formatting" variant="currency"/>
>  </fd:datatype>
>  <fd:algorithm type="arithmetic" operation="sum">
>    <fd:triggers>/articles/*/subtotal</fd:triggers>
>  </fd:algorithm>
> </fd:calculatedfield>
> CalculatedField is a subclass of Field, that gets an Algortihm. The
> Algorithm is a simple interface, responsible for calculating the value
> and return a list of triggers. Triggers are widgets that will trigger
> the re-calculation.
> Calculated fields add value change listeners on all triggers to know
> when a recalculation is needed, and also to make it update gracefully
> in ajax. Using triggers you don't have to disseminate the form with
> value changed listeners to trigger recalculations, and also for simple
> algorithms (like the arithmetic one I implemented) triggers are the
> operands on which it operates. This IMMO minimizes mistakes.
> My calculated field prototype calls algorithm.calculate() in
> readFromRequest(). Is there a better place?

There's a problem to compute the initial value, as trigger widgets may
not be initialized (or a calculated-field's initialize() can call
initialize() on the widgets it depends on).

>From there on, you should only react to change events from trigger widgets.

> I'm also trying to make them editable (if editable="true" specified in
> the definition), so that if the user wants to "fine tune" the result
> of a calculation he can modify the calculated value. Obviously, once
> the calculated field has been modified by the user it will behave like
> a common field, maybe until the user erases the value bringing the
> field back to it's calculated nature?

Yikes! Heavy FS smell!

> I tried something to make them also client side, but I don't think
> it's a good idea. With such a good AJAX support, client side support
> is rarely useful. Also, it poses a lot of limitations and a lot more
> work on it : all algorithms should be able to generate a client side
> counterpart, triggers should be rendered as client side calls to
> "calculateXXX" functions. There is no tidy way to do this, and some
> algorithms would be very difficult to port client side. Also, on
> client side there is no way of apply proper field formatting, so every
> form using calculated fields with a format different from plain will
> end up being a mess.

This adds more complexity to CForms. But if people consider it useful,
well, why not.


Sylvain Wallez
Apache Software Foundation Member

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