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From hepabolu <>
Subject Re: Calculated fields
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2006 07:43:28 GMT
First off: great idea!

Antonio Gallardo said the following on 10-04-2006 02:46:

> What about replacing <fd:algorithm> with something like:
> <fd:value eval="items*price"/>
> <fd:value eval="sum(articles.items)"/>
> this will allow also to write:
> <fd:value eval="sum(articles.items*articles.price)"/>
> <fd:value eval="sum(articles.subtotal)"/>
> In both later cases, <fd:value> should be able to know that "articles" 
> is a container and hence it needs to include in the operation the whole 
> set of rows from the repeater.
> I think we should first define the user interface and then go into 
> implementation details.

I agree with Antonio that the syntax should be more flexible than your 
initial proposal. I actually had a use case that required even more 
elaborate calculation:

The score is the sum of a number of fields (not part of a repeater) only 
if all of the fields are set to a value. Example:

Field1, Field2, Field3: each have a range 0..3

TotalScore =
if (empty(Field1) || empty(Field2) || empty(Field3)) {
  sum(Field1, Field2, Field3)
else {
   "score undefined"

So two additions:
- use calculated fields for all widgets, rather than just repeaters
- allow a more flexible way of expressing the calculation, maybe a 
user-defined class of Expression or Algorithm.

Some random thoughts:

- use Antonio's suggestion for simple expressions

<fd:calculatedfield id="total" ....>
   <fd:value eval="field1*0.5"/>

- allow a javascript function or java class to handle the expression:

<fd:calculatedfield id="somecalculation" ....>
   <fd:value params="{field1, field2, field3}" 


<fd:calculatedfield id="othercalculation" ....>
   <fd:value params="all" function="javamethod"/>

I don't have the proper syntax available here, but the last two could be 
done in much the same way as the <fd:value-changed> syntax.

Bye, Helma

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