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From hepabolu <>
Subject Re: Problem with XHTMLSerializers
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2006 12:46:10 GMT
Pier Fumagalli said the following on 07-04-2006 13:38:
> Have you tried the "serializers" block? I've been hacking around a lot 
> with it back in the old days and it's the only one I trust to send stuff 
> to IE. We've been using since we started at VNU.

I've tried the serializers block when it was suggested back then, but 
never managed to get it running correctly (see last lines of quotes 
below) so I returned to the default serializer with the workarounds 
Jeroen already suggested. Note that not only the <script> tag has this 
problem, same goes for <textarea>.

I finally settled for an extra XSL file that introduces &nbsp; in 
several empty tags, just to avoid this. I'll give the serializers block 
another try in the future (when more pressing issues are solved).

Bye, Helma

> On 7 Apr 2006, at 09:34, Jeroen Reijn wrote:
>> Hi,
>> eventough this topic is quite old, I was wondering if Helma got it 
>> working?
>> I'm looking at the same problem now.
>> Regards,
>> Reijn
>> hepabolu wrote:
>>> On 11/3/05, *Jeroen Reijn* < 
>>> <>> wrote:
>>>     Helma,
>>>     We have the same problem with our sites. As far is I know they only
>>>     workaround
>>>     is by putting a space between the script tags like
>>>     <script>&#160;</script>
>>> Thanks. I already did that, but it's really not that elegant. BTW I 
>>> somehow managed to get this fixed but I have no clue what I did 
>>> different now.
>>> Another problem that cropped up with the "exhtml" serializer is that 
>>> ' are changed to &apos; so all my little java scripts suddenly became 
>>> useless:
>>> <script src="bla.js">doSomething('<xsl:value-of 
>>> select="someparam"/>');</script> turned into
>>> <script src="bla.js">doSomething(&apos;paramvalue&apos;);</script>
>>> any idea?

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