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From Simone Gianni <>
Subject The all embarassing presentation email :-)
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 11:31:44 GMT
Hello everybody all and thanks to all of you for voting me as a committer.

I'm so excited to become part of the ASF, expecially  within the cocoon 
project who driven my web developing experience in the last 6 years. I 
wanted to let you know something about myself as per the Cocoon 
tradition: I assume you all know how embarassing it is to talk about 
oneself, so I'll just get on with some random notes. :)

I'm 27 and I live in Rome, Italy. I started programming when i was about 
7 with C64. It happened for a simple and completely random situation : i 
received a C64 and a game, inside the C64 box there were two manuals, a 
short one to run the game, and a big one teaching basic programming. I 
tried the small one, but since the game wasn't working i tried to read 
the big one and simply type what was written there, but it took time 
(and a lot of LOGO programming) to discovered why 10 print "ciao" 20 
goto 10 caused a lot of "ciao" on my screen :)

I decided not to attend university and started working as a freelance. 
Perl first and PHP/mysql then were the leading technologies back in 
1997. For another incredibly random situation, I arrived in Milan in 
march 2000 to work for Bibop Research, which some of you might remember, 
where I had the incredible opportunity to work with Gianugo Rabellino, 
Ricardo Rocha and meet people like Stefano Mazzocchi and many other very 
skilled guys. I left Bibop a few months later, but this experience 
pushed me into Cocoon.

I currently own a small company, and we work mainly with Cocoon. In the 
last couple of years we've been collaborating a lot with Pronetics (and 
from now on with Sourcesense) on intranet applications heavily based on 
cocoon-forms (a corporate banking and an administration system for a 
university, a total of about 300 cocoon forms, being the leading 
projects), binding directly on backend beans, so actually my main area 
of interest is cocoon forms and more specifically it's interaction with 
beans and backend persistence (with a strong focus on Hibernate lately).

But I'll not limit my work to this field, I look forward to help out 
consolidating, improving and expanding this great framework, and I'm 
thrilled to be part of this incredible community. Thanks again to 
everyone who voted me: I consider being over here a great accomplishment.


Simone Gianni

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